Two days of rpgs and tabletop wargaming!

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Scrum Con returns for a virtual gaming extravaganza April 24th and 25th, 2021

Enjoy our unique mix of role playing and tabletop wargames, hosted by expert game masters right from the comfort of your quarantined couch!

"I played in the best con game I've ever played in!"

Scrum Con is the east coast’s quickest growing con, with attendance having shattered expectations over the last two years. While the pandemic has curtailed a face to face convention this year, 2021’s virtual convention allows you to join the fun from anywhere in the world.

We strive to feature a variety of games - from RPGs to wargames - of fantasy, sci-fi, horror and historical genres. With games and seminars by the founders of our hobby like Bill Slavicsek (WEG Star Wars), Ed Stark (D&D 3E) and Zeb Cook (D&D 1E and 2E), attendees of previous Scrum Cons have raved about the mix of games and the relaxed feel of the convention.

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