Virtual gaming (especially virtual wargaming) has been a learning curve for most of us trying to continue rolling dice despite the quarantine. While it will never replace face to face gaming, the wide variety of tools and software now available allows us to share some adventures over a virtual tabletop.

Tips for Players

If you've been working from home, you may already have the software and hardware needed to participate in this year's Scrum Con Online. Please check each game's description for the specific tools and materials you'll need to prepare. We ask that you test your mic, camera, and connection at least 24 hours before your game starts to avoid technical headaches on the day of the convention.

Minimum Requirements

All Scrum Con Online games assume you have access to the following:

Possible Requirements

Your game may also require you to provide game materials on your end. Please check your game description to see if you should prepare:

Tips for Game Masters

It may seem daunting, but game mastering via virtual tools CAN be done. RPGs have found a natural fit with online tools like Roll20. Tabletop wargames require a bit more ingenuity, but the Second Saturday Scrum Club has run numerous wargames via webcam or Tabletop Simulator.

RPG Virtual Game Mastering

As an RPG game master you have tons of advice from those GMs who have come before you. YouTube hosts numerous tutorial and actual play videos with insight on gaming online, and a robust suite of software and online tools allow you to flex your game running skills in a virtual environment.

Wargame Virtual Game Mastering

While RPGs take place largely in the player's mind, wargames are a more tactile experience that relies on accurate positioning of models and terrain in a physical space. Transferring that experience to a virtual environment is tricky, but it can be done.