Flea Market

SCRUM CON offers a no-hassle consignment flea market to allow you sell and buy gaming-related products while attending to the convention. Please review our guidelines to understand how our system works.

Cash only

All items must be priced in $5 increments ($10, $25, $75, etc.). All transactions will be handled with cash only, and we cannot accept bills larger than $20.

For Sellers (Consignors)

You may bring up to five (5) items. All items must be priced in $5 increments (ending in either a "5" or a "0").

What exactly can you bring to drop off at the flea market?

How does it work?

After receiving your badge, you can head to the Flea Market area (check the program map for its location). You will label your items, price them, and hand them over to Scrum Con staff. You are bringing items for consignment at the Scrum Con flea market. Scrum Con organizers will staff the flea market table during the convention, freeing you up to play games, socialize, etc. When you are done gaming for the day, check in with the Flea Market staff to collect your profits and any of your unsold items. So easy!

How do we get these assigned item ID numbers?
When you check in with the Flea Market staff we will give you your own set of five numbers you can use when labeling your items. Give yourself a few minutes to label and price each of your items with our provided post-it notes and markers. Be sure to include both the price and item ID number on your label.

How do I make sure I get paid for anything that sells?
In addition to labeling your items, you'll fill out info on an envelope, including your name, item numbers, and price for each. When we collect money from selling your products, we'll check it off on the envelope as "Sold," and put your money in it. When you're ready to leave for the day, come show us an ID with your name on it, ask for your payment envelope, and you can reclaim any of your items that didn't sell.

What happens to items that didn't sell?
At the end of each day you will need to collect any unsold items from the Flea Market. We can not hold items overnight.

What happens to uncollected funds?
You are responsible for collecting your profits before leaving the convention. Scrum Con staff will hold any unclaimed funds for 48 hours, but following that grace period we will consider uncollected cash as donations to support future Scrum Cons.

What does Scrum Con get out of this?
Nothing, really. We are not collecting any sort of commission. We just wanted to give folks an opportunity to sell and buy some stuff like they would at any cool convention.

How should I price my stuff?
Price it to sell! Scrum Con staff can't entertain lower offers on items on any seller's behalf; the price you place on the item is what it will have to sell for.


You consign material to be sold at the flea market at your own risk. Scrum Con staff cannot be held responsible for any items that are broken, damaged, or stolen while they are left in the flea market.

Scrum Con organizers have the right to reject the inclusion of any items as part of the flea market for any reason. The anticipated ways this might happen are if you (1) bring more than five items, (2) don't have loose items contained together in a box of some sort that makes them easy to display and deal with in the flea market, (3) bring something just too large for us to easily accommodate, (4) poor price/item number labeling (illegible, stickers falling off), (5) bring dangerous items (guns, explosives, swords/weapons, trained combat roosters, hazardous biological material), or (5) bring something that the organizers deem potentially offensive to attendees (Nazi regalia, sexually explicit or graphically violent material, etc.). If we decide we cannot include your item in the flea market for any reason, we'll ask you to store it in your car during the duration of the convention. We also are operating under some space constraints for the flea market area, so there will be a first-come, first-to-consign policy (if we run out of room, we may have to ask you to forego selling your items in the flea market area this year).